puzamuza (puzamuza) wrote,


Well I finally got the opportunity to go into Providence with Wendy to Danny's apartment. Needless to say, it was an interesting night. Maybe I should have eaten, or not had so much to drink? Something along those lines. I had a lot of fun though, I knew it was coming when I couldn't find the foot rest on my chair with my foot...and it was only 9 o clock? haha. I remember crawling to the bathroom, comparing my boobs to wendys...and calling everyone in my phone book. Apparently I said that getting off of beds is easier when you're drunk because I can just roll off of them. Haha, and off I rolled, over and over.. I'm still sore. I was super sick and spent the night hanging over a toilet, yay for being like erin kim hahaha. sorry erin, but I hear it's true hah.
The next day I went to work 3-midnight - mannnnn
I was so sick
Mom knew what happened kinda...she's such a psycho.
I can't wait for college, end of story.
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