puzamuza (puzamuza) wrote,

You are such a whore

I've been doing my research, and I've checked out your website, and myspace. You're hideous, and so fucked up. How does it make you feel, waking up every day and knowing that you're just a waste?
I guess I'll never know.

I like to think that I'm not that annoying little girl type, in fact, I take pride in knowing that I'm not.

Lately, everything has been driving me crazy. I'm sick of people trying to top me, make their lives seem tougher. Yeah, I know people out there have it bad, but when you live in norfolk, and mommy anddaddy give you everything, don't you dare complain. I worked my ass off this weekend, in fact, ever since I've had this f-ing job I've worked my ass off. It's not easy to work 12 hour shifts and then wake up 6 hours later to do the same thing. And it's not easy to pay for all of my own things, to know that almost every item I wear I've paid for. I'm so jealous of everyone sometimes.

I don't have much to say today I guess. Senioritis is hitting me hard, and I didn't go to school today. Surprise Surprise. My grades are so good though...for the most part. I've only gotten two B's this year..so far. this term is going to be horrible though, I haven't done any work for any classes.
I got a voicemail yesterday and it made me so happy.

I hate you :)

Chances are if you think that these comments are directed towards you, they probably are.
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