puzamuza (puzamuza) wrote,

One fine day...or night

Well yesterday was excellent and I just needed to get that out! Nothing can bring me down right now, I'm freaking chipper! lol. The past few weeks have been nuts to say the least. I've done so much shit that I never thought I'd do, and I love it - I dont think that's a good thing though haha. But yesterday was a good day, minus the driving allll the way back to norfolk just to pick up my dad and then allll the way back, it was excellent. really, it was excellent. and I sped home and made it in at 11:59, perfect timing. My poor car was crying the whole way home, oooh manda, I've never gone this fast before!!!!!! haha, I love it. squirrrmmmm.
cream! I missed prom but it was worth it.
I miss my dear wendy, she's at ECJ for the weekend and it makes me sad.
I'm going to go smoke a bowl and go to work :)
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