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HAppy Birthday Matt!

RIP Aunt Rita
My aunt passed away this morning, or last night I actually don't even know. My parents haven't told me a lot...I called Mr Tileston to tell him that I would be going to Boston with my parents, and he gave me bull shit about not going to rehearsal. Are you joking? If I told him my freakin mom died he would expect me there...Then I went, and he had a little chat with me to make sure he had his little ass covered by asking questions such as, "How do your parent's feel, do they know that you talked to me? You didn't tell them that I influenced you, did you?" Fuck you Mr Tileston. They already HATE you, nothing I say is going to make it worse.

Other than that I had a pleasant day...
The school nurse is like...my best friend haha. She knows who I have for english and is all sympathetic. She lets me sleep and she wakes me up when the bell rings for the next class. It's a good time.

For the first time in a while, I have all A's. Except for English because mongeon is a fruit loop
My ethics project is going to be fun, it's titled, "The Wisdom of Buddha." I got a bunch of books on Buddhism today and they're interesting already. I'll stay up all night if my mom doesn't take them away from me.

Tommorrow I'm going to the aqarium, and I'm happy about that.
What else in here...Oh yeah

Why is there so much drama within the band? WHY?
I've lost my ride to school
Jason has been so iritated with everything all week...Does anyone know what's wrong? I was supposed to be his best friend? But I don't know. I feel like shit. He hates me and yells at me for no reason, and I guess I don't need to deal with it.

I'm freezing

I can't wait to get into bed. oh yes, sleep. I love you bed.

Goodnight, Hope you had a great bday Matt :D
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