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Well, last night was horrible to say the least. I'm so tired of everything in this house! It was such a great day till my mom came home...so great. Spending time with Wendy is so fun.
I got bitched out yesterday because I don't believe that the world is completely over. Yeah, I know, it sucks that Bush won. He is a horrible president, and has been ass raping us for four years and now will continue for another four years but...some take things to the extreme. I don't think I'm going to die before he's done, just because of him. Sorry for having a good day, asshole.

Well, thanks to Wendy and talking to a really old friend Matt, yesterday didn't completely kill me. I'm so happy that I got back in contact with Matt, he's my oldest friend. hah, the first guy I ever had a crush on the first guy...I didn't think had cooties!
hah, and influenced everything..I was afterall at a tender age.
My goosebumps!! my hair is standing up soo high lol

I have nothing to say,
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