puzamuza (puzamuza) wrote,

I'm going to die.

Kirill and Amanda are...no longer Kirill and Amanda. I don't know how to explain how sad I am, and I never thought I would be but I hurt so much. All I did was cry and yell last night..and today I skipped school with Wendy and we went shopping and I still cried and wanted to die. I saw Kirill's friend Jay at the mall and he is so happy and I'm so envious of him. He loves his girlfriend so much and I wish I had that kind of relationship. One day, someday - I'll get by somehow.
I slept at wendys house for a few hours today, which was good because I was a zombie. I feel like ass. And I took a bunch of codene pills last night and was tripping like woah. best god damn night sleep - I totally didn't want to wake up this morning. I bought a shirt today what says, Tina you fat lard come get some DINNER. ha. *cuts myself*
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